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But oh, my heart was flawed...I knew my weakness

So hold my hand...consign me not to darkness

She paints the walls blue and green
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About Me
Lauren. 26. Feels old but knows she isn't. Philly born. Jersey raised. Aquarius. College grad who wishes she was still in school. Has newfound dreams of becoming a music photographer. Silly and giggly. A geek at heart. Open minded. Media junkie. Would potentially DIE without music. Sings randomly. Brit folk junkie. Loves making her friends smile. Obsessive tendencies. Can find gay subtext everywhere. Sometimes vicious mood swings. Fiercely loyal to the things she loves.
SLASH. Music. Accents. Pretty hair. Baseball shirts. Lip piercings. The Gay. Peanut butter. Bath and body products. Musicians (especially ones named Matt!). Chubby boys in flannel.
Adam Lambert. Andrew Lipke. Ben Folds. Ben Kweller. Ben Lee. Billy Joel. David Ford. Delta Spirit. Elliott Smith. Elton John. Ingrid Michaelson. Jason Mraz. Jay Jay Pistolet. Jeff Buckley. Jeremy Messersmith. Jesse Ruben. John Mayer. Johnny Flynn. Kate Earl. Kris Allen. Laura Marling. Matt Duke. Matt Nathanson. Ray LaMontagne. Rufus Wainwright. Scott Matthews. Sufjan Stevens. Willy Mason. Ben Folds Five. Brand New. Cold War Kids. Death Cab for Cutie. Ezra Furman and the Harpoons. Lovedrug. Margot & The Nuclear So and So's. Mumford & Sons. OK Go. Ours. Phantom Planet. Say Anything. Silverchair. The Beatles. The Long Winters. The Monkees. The Strokes. The Veils. The Weakerthans. The Working Title. Vampire Weekend. Villagers.
Queer as Folk. Six Feet Under. The Office. Dead Like Me. The Daily Show. The Colbert Report. Criminal Minds. American Idol. Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Viva La Bam. Everwood. Strangers With Candy. The Rachel Maddow Show. The Monkees. Jackass. Project Runway. Whose Line is it Anyway. Law and Order SVU. Roundhouse. (if you remember this show, I love you)
Newsies. Swing Kids. Velvet Goldmine. Practically any other movie Christian Bale has been in. Dead Poets Society. Wonder Boys. X-Men and X2. The Broken Hearts Club. Rushmore. Donnie Darko. Jackass: The Movie. Psycho Beach Party. Wet Hot American Summer. Rent. Brokeback Mountain. Little Miss Sunshine. A Knight's Tale. Hairspray. Juno. RENT. Milk.
Lauren Ambrose, Kurt Vonnegut, Matt Nathanson, Jeff Buckley, Elton John, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Matthew Grey Gubler, Max Bemis, Kris Allen, Marcus Mumford, Ryan Dunn, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow
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a knight's tale, accents, adam lambert, alex greenwald, american idol, anna paquin, bam/ryan, banjos, being silly, ben folds five, ben lovett, benji/tony, boys in eyeliner, bright abbott, bright/hannah, british boys, brokeback mountain, charlie brown, christian bale, christopher meloni, chubby lads, chuck taylors, claire fisher, concerts, country winston, crack-like addictiveness, criminal minds, damian kulash, darren robinson, david ford, dead like me, dead poets society, dmitri tertyshny, dominic lucero, elton john, endearingly chubby musicians, everwood, ewan mcgregor, flannel shirts, folk, foul mouthed indie rockers, gavin degraw, grey's anatomy, heath ledger, jackass, jake gyllenhaal, james dean, janky flannel, jason mraz, jason schwartzman, jay jay pistolet, jeff buckley, jeff conrad, jim/pam, jimmy gnecco, john krasinski, john mayer, johnny flynn, johnny knoxville, jon stewart, jonathan brandis, jonathan rhys meyers, kradam, kris allen, kurt vonnegut, laughing, laura marling, lauren ambrose, lip piercings, live music, london, lulz, lyrics, mandolins, marcus mumford, margotandthenuclearsoandsos, matt duke, matt nathanson, matthew gray gubler, max bemis, michael tolcher, mitch hedberg, mix cds, movies, mumford & sons, mumford and sons, music, musicians, never mind the buzzcocks, newsies, noel fielding, obsessions, ok go, ours, oz, pandas, peter paige, phantom planet, pineapple, plaid, pretty boys, project runway, promoting music, queer as folk, rachel maddow, recommending music, rent, roundhouse, rufus wainwright, russell brand, ryan dunn, sam farrar, say anything, silverchair, simon amstell, singer/songwriters, singing, six feet under, slash, sleeping, snoopy, stars, stephen colbert, swing kids, taking pictures, tcnj, ted dwane, tgic, the colbert report, the daily show, the monkees, the office, the tla, the weakerthans, thrift stores, trumpets, tv, ukuleles, velvet goldmine, viva la bam, willy mason, winston marshall, writing, wtsr, wxpn, y-rock,